At the ICOI we welcome newcomers and encourage their immediate participation!

What Does ICOI Membership Say About You?

ICOI membership signifies commitment to continuous study and training in the field of implantology, whether placing or restoring dental implants. Our members develop professionally by participation in a “true family” of international colleagues who are deeply committed to implant education. The result is a strong foundation of quality treatment for their patients. Implant team members must also remain current. The ICOI offers updates in the latest implant procedures, devices and technology through a full spectrum of educational avenues. Fellows, Masters or Diplomates of the ICOI have pursued voluntary programs that evaluate and examine their knowledge of implant dentistry by experts in the field. They have been recognized by their peers and are local leaders as well as global ambassadors. They have accepted a lifelong commitment to learning as well as to promoting ICOI’s renowned international camaraderie.

“With the confidence that my staff and I have gained through ICOI’s exceptional education, I comfortably treat simple to complex cases routinely. Most importantly, we have a 90%+ implant case acceptance rate because my team is trained and committed to the highest quality of care!”
– Dr. Robert L. Blackwell
“When implant knowledge and experiences are shared, all of our practices and patients benefit tremendously!”
– Dr. Carl Misch, Co-Chairman
For membership questions, please contact the ICOI.